Think Tank

The experience and professionalism of our research staff are the key intellectual resources of INCOSYS Think Tank.

Our goal is to share and exchange with other professionals and promulgate the results in the form of publications, conferences, seminars and workshops.

Productivity, or the total economic output per worker, has remained flat in construction. In comparison, productivity has grown 1500 percent in retail, manufacturing, and agriculture since 1945. One of the reasons for this is that construction is one of the most under-digitized industries in the world and is slow to adopt new technologies (McKinsey, 2017).

Traditional building is also plagued by cost and time overruns, poor quality and negative  community and environment impact.

Construction however is one of the biggest sectors in the world in terms of value and even bigger in terms of its impact on our lives. We live and work in buildings and use the infrastructure to move us from on site to another site.

Supported and tuned by our partners, we are applying technology, innovation and off-site / indoor manufacturing techniques to the process of building properties.

We are committed to promoting the myriad of uses for off-site, indoor building systems. This technology has been around for a long time, has been proven to provide improved quality, shorter delivery times (3 or 4 times quicker than the standard build) and lower impact on the community and environment.

This is not the future of building, it’s the present and we passionately believe that these proven construction methods should have been used more widely for a long time.

Someone needs to bring a new and innovative construction system and that we do. Construction software & data, AI, BIM, modular construction, robotics, cloud and mobile technology are no longer future but realities.

Our research department is made up of experts in building, engineering, marketing and economics with years of experience in construction and development of real estate projects and the desire to innovate. They all have extensive experience in industrial construction both residential, commercial and industrial issues.

Our goal is to investigate new applications, construction materials and the off-site industrial process and share and exchange with other professionals and disseminate the results in the form of publications, conferences, seminars and workshops.

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