About Us

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe that the global construction industry must radically change in order to improve the quality, speed, efficiency, sustainability and price of building projects.

Till now construction is one of the most under-digitalized industries in the world and is slow to adopt new technologies.

Our mission is to optimize every aspect of the construction process, adding in the latest technology and innovation to make this a reality for our clients: I.A, BIM & Big Data and off-site / indoor manufacturing techniques.

We are also motivated to regenerate city centers with this innovative method and demonstrate our belief in the concept by creating exceptional projects, which exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Team

Our team is made up of engineering, marketing and economics experts with years of construction and real estate experience and the desire to innovate.

Our experience and know how in the fields of urban planning, project development, industrial and residential construction and investments give us the background, skills and ability to take on a range of ambitious and cutting edge projects.

Rik de Ridder

Studied Philosophy and Literature in Brussels, before studying law. After passing the Belgian Bar, he practiced commercial and company law, especially in the building sector for 25 years in Belgium.

In 2000 he moved to Spain and has been involved in many different aspects of real estate activity including development, investments and consultancy.

He co-founded Quintessence in 2010 to offer real estate consultancy in Spain and Benelux with a proven expertise in marketing, management and promotion of high level real estate projects.


Joan Moreno

Graduate in Business Economy  (Autonomous University of Barcelona).

Diploma in Business Administration (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Master in Management of Construction and Development Companies ( University of Barcelona).

P.A.D.E. (IESE) Agente Propiedad Inmobiliaria – A.P.I- (Ministerio Fomento) He cofounded Initiaobras a company dealing with project management in both residential and commercial and with a large expertise in Hotel building and management and Student housing.

We have offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Malaga and Castellón and partners in Antwerp, Paris and Berlin.