Incosys system can be applied to a range of projects including

Residential projects: A modern approach to create beautiful & efficient living spaces

Single or multi family homes

Whether it’s a single family home, a block of flats, a residential development, our Industrial Construction System can help you strike the perfect balance between standardization and one-off configuration.

Creating spaces perfect for different members of family to live happily together is a growing need. Our building system can create units, which are built, off-site and added to existing properties, on the rooftop, in the garden, or as an extension. These are perfect for grandparents and teens who want to be part of the family, while having their separate space for independent living.


Senior Living & Student Housing

There is an increasing demand for quality, modern accommodation, for seniors and students looking for space, comfort and functionality. Our technology allows these properties to be created quickly, using environmentally friendly materials and specified for the needs of each age group, location and the clients’ design preferences. We are currently working to create new student housing around Barcelona, Madrid and Seville, designed with the modern student in mind and made possible with our building system.


Masterplan Developments

Developments of apartments and villas are an excellent application for our system, as it allows the developers to have control over the design, while ensuring consistency across the properties and excellent quality throughout are dealing with us. As it is constructed offsite, the build is a lot quicker, allowing the developers to sell the properties and turn a profit quicker. Developers of residential and holiday home resorts are working with us to construct luxury apartments and exclusive villas. These applications show the complete flexibility and luxury finish possible with our system.


Commercial and industrial projects

Whether it be a factory, office space, or retail franchise, our logical building system can design, manufacture and complete the project from start to finish, completing faster and more efficiently than ever before. Applications include :

  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Commercial warehouses
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Industrial


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