Filling up our cities’ skylines and maximising the use of every square meter is not just a fashionable idea, but something which will become increasingly important as our cities grow.

We are responding to the lack of space for both living and working and the growing demand from people wanting to move into the cities by utilizing these dead areas. This supports the government led ideas such as green in fillings, the renewal of brown fields or urban expansion projects. Which are excellent ideas, but may be slow to implement.

We can create brand new penthouses with terraces off-site and install them complete with kitchen, plumbing and electricity onto a flat roof. Each flat is unique, inside and out and can be tailored to blend into the existing setting, while creating wonderful living spaces, right where you want them

Rooftop Living is the perfect solution to the modern problem of how to grow our cities when space is in such short supply. We’re excited that our logical building system can make this a reality.

If you would like to capitalize on the wasted space in your communal building, or expand onto your flat roof, please talk to us and let us show you the potential of your rooftops.