Community Owned Buildings

Building tops in Community Owned Buildings
means added value for everyone

We have developed specific programs for co-owned buildings where we buy the roof space and carry out a building project and handle the sale. With the proceeds of the sale, the owners can optimize the property and earn for the community.

Using off-site building techniques to add new living space on the top of Community Owned Buildings, is an excellent solution to modern urban living. These projects benefit both existing tenants, owners and new buyers, who want to live in highly desirable areas.

Here’s why we think they are a win-win development concept.

Adding value for existing residents and owners

We all know that maintenance and repairs are essential in safeguarding the investment for co-owners. Mandatory insulation works, façade and roof repairs, renewal of lifts and general refurbishment needs to be done regularly, but doesn’t come cheap in large buildings. This can stretch the finances of a community and cause rifts between co-owners.

INCOSYS offers a solution to finance those repairs and fund developments in the community. We purchase your unused roof space, offering a fair price, which reflects market value and gives your community a much needed cash injection. We are then able to build additional apartments off-site, which are craned in quickly and easily, for minimal disruption. These integrated units come fitted with plumbing, electrics, kitchens and bathrooms and are fully compliant with all legal and technical regulations. This expansion optimizes the building space and benefits all parties – existing owners and new buyers, as well as the urban environment.

Incredible living for the new buyer

We are able to offer a new buyer a flexible living space to meet his requirements. Buyers can choose their layout, their finishes and fittings. As it’s manufactured offsite, using the latest technology, the quality is excellent and the project can be completed significantly quicker than a traditional build.

Quality is king for INCOSYS projects and our technology and expertise are second to none.

Enhancing and respecting the city’s skyline

Expanding our cities by utilising the rooftops does not mean sacrificing our architecture.

Even historically important buildings can be expanded in this way. We are committed to putting in place high quality projects, which are carefully planned, respect the existing style of the buildings and the area and create aesthetically pleasing buildings, which offer more space for their residents and new buyers.

Let us unlock the potential of your rooftop

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